We are a circus company.

We make shows about death

That is all

Who are (were) we?

Mareike Heeneman

Mareike Heenemann was born in Berlin, Germany. Her main focus of work is aerial

acrobatics with solo and duo performances as well circus pedagogy including regular

classes, workshops and national and international circus projects for children, youth and

adults. Her first contact with aerial technique at the age of 9 was in Juxirkus a childrens

circus in Berlin. After that she decided for a professional qualification at Die Etage performing arts school, Berlin. Her training also includes circus courses and residencies in Montreal, Barcelona, Brussels and Sao Paulo. After that she studied Anthropogeography to professionalise her passion for cultures, languages, travelling and the research about the relationship between human beings and their environment. This has helped her implement social circus projects in peripheral regions of the world.She has worked for theatre companies and developed a solo trapeze circus -theatre piece on autism in the show business called “Aus dem Rahmen fallen”.

Mohamed Abdou (Gemy)

Gemy was born in Egypt he trained and worked at Egyptian National Circus from 2010-2017 with a focus on floor Acrobatics, Slackline & Chinese Pole. He has studied physical theatre at El Nahda Art school- Jesuit Cairo. Gemy worked as a circus teacher since 2015-2022, at the same time in 2016 he was focusing on exchange circus projects. He participated in Circ Ùs residency through the Nile Dalta, Abha festival in Saudi- Arabia & Koshari circus in Berlin. Gemy found his focus for learning new things and push himself to the next level, he has been on stage since 2010 and has participated in numerous productions.

Gaby Schwab Veloso

Gabriela Schwab Veloso is a Brazilian actress graduated in theatre at the University of São Paulo and with a masters degree in dance studies at Freie Universität Berlin. She has been living in Germany since 2005, where she professionalised as an aerialist and concentrates her work on the elaboration and further development of an authentic artistic language through the mixing of her acting experience with her aerial acrobatics technique.

Khaled Kiko

A circus performer since 2010 with a background in floor acrobatics and parkour,

Kiko started his career with the Egyptian National Circus where he developed experience across physical theatre, Diabolo, mask, contemporary dance, partner and group acrobatics.

He has since performed in circus festivals, theatres, social street circus and professional circus companies.


 Joshua Frazer

Josh is a performance artist, he graduated with a BA in Acrobatics from the National Centre for Circus Arts, London in 2016 and has been creating collaborative circus art ever since. He has performed internationally with companies such as Circa, Feathers of Daedalus,The Garsington Opera and most recently Fauna Circus. He has worked under director Yaron Lifschitz, master clown Phillipe Gaulier, and poet Roger Mcgough. has an interest in creating diverse, innovative and original work that challenges audiences and keeps the art form of circus growing and moving. He believes that the circus has play in its heart and a pie on its face.


Raphaël Giraldi

My name is Raphaël Giraldi, I'm born in Nevers, France and I'm a musician and a sound technician. I started to play guitar and bass when I was 15, I have played in differents bands and projects in France and in Germany. I'm actually playing guitar for the berlin-based band Atomic Fruit. I also studied sound technics for 2 years at EMC in Paris. Since 10 years I have worked as a sound and light technician in music venues (Batofar), theatre (le grand T), festivals (Fusion Fest, Avignon) and as a musician for several circus/dance projects  (rebuilding communities).