Our debut creation:

In keeping with our company name, the show is a meditation on death.

We seek to bring western contemporary attitudes towards death under scrutiny, why do we push death to the back of our minds? Why do we writhe when it comes up in conversation? What will happen to YOUR body when you die? It will happen to all of us but we never talk about it.

With elements of clown and acrobatics we are shedding light on a dark topic, we want to bring humour to the subject of death in an attempt to soothe the fear of it, to bring it gently back into common discourse and present new ways of making your own peace with it. Centred around a Chinese pole, four acrobats and a clown will meet their maker many times over, they will face the ravages of time, the onset of rigor mortis, they WILL die, that much we know, what happens in between or after, is anyone’s guess.


We are currently searching for FUNDING, RESIDENCY SPACES, and OUTSIDE EYES to assist in the creation process. Please don't hesitate to Contact us.

Supported by:

We are grateul to be funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the NEUSTART KULTUR program.

Thanks also to Vuesch and Katapult creation spaces in Berlin.